EPRC at the North Sea Conference

Irene McMaster spoke at the 2023 North Sea Conference in Rotterdam. With over 250 delegates from around the North Sea,  the Conference focussed on ‘navigating towards Cohesion’. The events three main presentations covered, the transformation of Europe thoughts about future European cooperation by Europe correspondent and columnist Caroline de Gruyter, a European Commission Perspective on the emerging debate on cooperation in the future from Nathalie Verschelde, Deputy head of unit DG REGIO, European Commission. Irene McMaster spoke about ‘Megatrends for the Future and Emerging Challenges in Cohesion. In particular, her presentation and contributions to the conference panel discussions highlighted the distinctive role that European Territorial cooperation can play in addressing future challenges and position of Interreg within Cohesion policy reform debates.

Presentations from the event can be found here: https://www.interregnorthsea.eu/our-events/north-sea-conference-2023-0

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