EPRC completes Impact Evaluation of the 2014-2020 Interact Programme.

The Interact Programme holds a special place among Interreg programmes. Its purpose is to “reinforce the effectiveness of Cohesion Policy by promoting exchange of experience concerning the identification, transfer and dissemination of good practices and innovative approaches”.

The final report was presented to the Interact Monitoring Committee at its meeting in Bled. EPRC’s evaluation of the wide range of tools and initiatives supported by Interact found that its work had helped improve the overall governance of cooperation programmes by building institutional capacities and delivered change in terms of improvements, e.g. in programme management practices and cultures, boosted efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of programme management bodies and programmes, and delivered benefit to programme stakeholders.

In particular, the evaluation noted how Interact had quickly responded to change in its own and programme operational environments, which will be a key strength in the future.

For further information contact: Irene McMaster

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