EPRC recipient of RSA 2022 Regional Leadership Award!

The Regional Studies Association (RSA) presented the 2022 Regional Leadership Award to EPRC. This award is a recognition to individuals or organisations in policy and practice who work at the interstices with academia and other forms of research to develop the field and practice of regional studies and science.

The previous winners of this award include Statistics Poland, Automatic Knowledge Limited in the UK, the National Institute of Urban Studies in India, the UK Centre for Cities and DG REGIO of the European Commission.

Jessie Poon, Chair of the RSA, presented the award on October 24th 2022 to EPRC Director John Bachtler on behalf of the centre. Since its creation in 1978, EPRC has worked at the interface of academia and policy. Its mission has been to undertake comparative research on the design, implementation and effectiveness of regional and local development policies, and to facilitate knowledge exchange across policy communities at European, national and sub-national levels. By sharing knowledge across jurisdictions and borders, EPRC aims to improve understanding of how best to respond to territorial inequality, a shared mission with RSA.

The leadership role that the RSA was emphasised by Prof. John Bachtler as a collective one between the past and present members of EPRC.

For more information on the award, see the RSA video here.

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