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Sylwia Borokowska-Wasak

Thesis Title: The role of political and administrative factors during EU Cohesion Policy implementation in CEE: the case of Integrated Territorial Investments in Poland

Dr Martin Ferry (First Supervisor)
Dr Carlos Mendez (Second Supervisor)

Tel: +44 141 548 3222

The PhD focuses on a central issue in contemporary governance debates: the interaction of civil servants and politicians in the implementation of public policy. The purpose of the research is to identify measures to assess the role of political and administrative factors in policy implementation, and to explain key processes and mechanisms involved. The main theoretical background used for the study is institutionalism, in particular the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework (Ostrom, 2008). The research will identify key formal and informal rules of policy implementation, and explore how they work in different contexts. Moreover, it will investigate structures and mechanisms influencing the input of various stakeholders during the decision-making process. The research takes the case of Integrated Territorial Investments within EU Cohesion Policy and their implementation in selected Polish regions. It employs an innovative combination of research methods to analyse policy implementation, combining systematic content analysis, in-depth-interviews, and participatory observation. Besides theoretical insights for institutionalist literature, the research will include recommendations and conclusions for practitioners to maximise effectiveness of policy instruments through their design and implementation.

Alina Dragos

Thesis Title: Institutional constraints and non-state actor engagement in the design and delivery of the EU’s Cohesion Policy – the case of Romania

Professor John Bachtler (First Supervisor)
Professor Robert Thomson (Second Supervisor).

Tel: +44 141 548 3222

Alina’s research looks at the role of non-state actors in the process of European integration and policymaking. The main focus of the research is to examine the role of non-state actors as co-producers and deliverers of European policies, their characteristics and capacities, with a focus on the Cohesion policy implementation in Romania. The research will look at the Regional Development Programme. The purpose of the research is to identify the role that the socioeconomic actors play in the shared management of the Cohesion Policy, the level and depth of their involvement, key factors influencing their role, especially administrative capacity, and the effects of their engagement on the performance of the policy. This will involve in-depth-interviews, and network analysis. The research seeks to develop research tools for an efficient analysis of the factors that are impacting the capacities and the involvement of different actors in policy making with effects on policy performance.