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- 2015

Raising awareness of financial instruments

The project involved the development of a series of awareness-raising factsheets and case studies as guidance for managing authorities given the steep learning curve faced by stakeholders in 2007-13, the continued drive to increase implementation of FIs in 2014-20 and the changes introduced by the regulations. Funded by: European Investment Bank

- 2014

Guidelines for the Implementation of Financial Instruments: Building on FIN-EN – sharing methodologies on FINancial Engineering for enterprises

The project – sharing methodologies on FINancial ENgineering for enterprises (FIN-EN) – aimed to enhance cooperation between regional and national authorities across Europe on the methodologies and instruments used for implementing financial instruments in the framework of EU Structural Funds, in order to find concrete solutions to common problems and promote a more efficient and…

- 2001

ERDF co-Financing of loan-based subsidies: issues and options relating to the tail-end problem;

The project involved research on the methods of co-financing subsidies on such soft loan schemes where such subsidies would still be needed after the end of the Structural Funds’ eligibility period due to the loans maturing after that date. Funded by: DG Regio, European Commission



The project involves the development, management and operationalisation of the fi-compass technical assistance platform. Specifically, the project involves support to the EIB in providing horizontal assistance and advisory services for ESIF financial instruments to the EU public sector. Target groups are in particular EU Member States and Managing Authorities, but also the European Commission and…