Innovation Strategies for System-Level Transformation

EPRC, together with the School of Innovation and Technology at the Glasgow School of Art are running a series of three Workshops to discuss the challenges of achieving transformation through innovation policies. The initiative is funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII).  The Workshops are set against the background of growing interest in transformative innovation policies across Europe and how they can drive economic, social and environmental change and genuinely impact future oriented regional development. The Workshops focus on designing suitable interventions, mobilising stakeholders, optimising implementation approaches and effectively evidencing success. Participants include policy makers, funding bodies, innovation centres, researchers and cluster organisations.

The second in this series of Workshops took place on 16 April 2024, hosted by Scottish Enterprise, and focused on the policy implementation and evidencing change.  Experience from case studies from Denmark, the Basque Country and Scotland were shared in lightening talks before table discussions deepened the knowledge exchange process.  Participants were asked to consider, for both implementation and evidencing, what was essential to success, what pitfalls should be avoided and what actions made the innovation strategy a transformational step change rather than an incremental improvement. The workshop included participants from the COMMIT Interreg Europe project, which is looking to support regions to develop an SME ecosystem for the low-carbon transition.

The third and final workshop, “Learning and Recommendations” will be held on 16 May. More information to follow.

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