Northern Periphery and the Arctic Programme visit EPRC

This week EPRC hosted a visit from the Joint Secretariat and the Managing Authority of the EU’s Interreg programme, the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme (NPA).

Presentations focussed on the 2021-27 NPA programme implementation (NPA), EPRC’s ongoing research activities particularly in the northern and Arctic area (Heidi Vironen), the reform debate (Prof John Bachtler) and the future of Cohesion Policy, particularly the role of territorial cooperation and Interreg post-Brexit (Dr Irene McMaster).

Scotland had been a substantial NPA participant from the programme’s foundation, and represents a financial, geographic, and entrepreneurial loss post-Brexit.

The facilitation of continued. Scottish involvement was identified as important for the retention of institutional knowledge, and the maintenance of expert and professional networks.



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Contact: Irene McMaster or Heidi Vironen

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