Webinar on the Future of the EU Budget

The second webinar of the 2024 Winter-Spring semester took place on 13 March (11:00 – 12:00) over Zoom with Professor Iain Begg (European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science), who discussed the Future of the EU Budget.

This webinar will be on the Future of the EU Budget and will draw on a recently completed study for the European Parliament and a paper published in December 2023 in Intereconomics. It will, first, explain how the EU finances are much more than the budget/multi-annual financial framework, largely because there has been increasing resort to debt funding to advance EU policies, particularly with the agreement on Next Generation EU. The repercussions for the future of the EU budget and its governance will then be discussed, along with the broader challenges facing the EU budget. The presentation will conclude by exploring what needs to change in the EU’s finances and proposals for how to realise such change.

Iain Begg is a Professor at the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science. His main research work is on the political economy of European integration and EU economic governance. He has recently directed and participated in a series of research projects for the European Parliament on different aspects of the EU budget, including the future of the budget in light of recent developments and how to track performance. He has previously collaborated with researchers at ETLA, Helsinki, on fiscal frameworks in different countries, and EPRC, University of Strathclyde, on studies of Cohesion Policy.

Begg’s presentation can be accessed here, and the webinar recording can be viewed on the EPRC’s YouTube page here.

Future EPRC webinars will delve into cohesion policy, regional policy and development topics.

If you would like to attend, watch out for updates and registrations by following @eprc_eu on Twitter, European Policies Research Centre on LinkedIn, or register for our webinar mailing list via marina.murray@strath.ac.uk.

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