Webinar on the Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy and the Recovery & Resilience Mechanism

The second EPRC webinar of 2023 was held on 29 March (11:00 – 12:00 UK) over Zoom. Josip Mihalic, Director for the Republic of Slovenia’s office for Recovery & Resilience, presented on “Differences in the Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy and the Recovery & Resilience Mechanism”.

The focus was on the example of Slovenia, although Mihalic provided key practical differences and similarities in the implementation of these two programmes in the country and overall.


Josip Mihalic is the Director of the Office for Recovery and Resilience in Slovenia. He has been working in the public sector for over 20 years, with a focus on the implementation of European policy, regional development and the field of development planning overall. He has also worked as a consultant for international organizations such as the World Bank and the European Commission and has achieved the title of Master of Science in the field of EU policy analysis.

Josip Mihalic’s presentation can be accessed here, and the webinar recording can be viewed on the EPRC’s YouTube page here.

Future EPRC webinars will delve into sustainability, regional policy and development topics.

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