Policy Impact Award for EPRC!

Work led by Irene McMaster on the future of territorial cooperation in the Irish Sea Region has won the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Impact Award for Policy.

The work was commissioned by Welsh Government helped to informed the content and approach of the Irish Sea Framework, launched by Welsh Government February 2023, which guides and influences actions for economic co-operation in the area.

Economic development cooperation across borders (territorial cooperation) on issues, such as business development, climate, health, environment, research, education, transport, energy has a long history and is the focus for numerous regional, national and EU initiatives.  The UK was an active participant in EU territorial cooperation programmes for over 30 years. Post 2020, Brexit radically changed this relationship, leading to the formal withdrawal of UK partners from all but one programme. Welsh Government were particularly concerned about the loss of opportunities to work with areas around the Irish Sea. Responding to this, the research focussed on identifying opportunities and options for future links and helped inform priorities and plans for future action on areas such as blue growth.

The award was made by the University of Strathclyde’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in recognition of achievements in delivering research projects which are making a real difference and delivering outstanding impact.

Contact: irene.mcmaster@strath.ac.uk


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