EoRPA – European Regional Policy Research Consortium

EoRPA is a regional policy research consortium funded by national government departments across Europe. It produces comparative research and knowledge exchange on regional policy in 30 countries. Annual outputs include:

  1. In-depth reviews of regional policies in all EU Member States, plus Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, covering the objectives, budgets and rationales for policy and policy change, policy instruments, institutions and the geographies of intervention
  2. EU Cohesion Policy analysis including reform negotiations and implementation
  3. EU State Aid policy implications for economic development policy objectives, instruments, eligible areas and effectiveness
  4. Thematic reports in areas such as industrial restructuring, climate change, urban and rural development, and digitilisation

Annual meeting and workshops

The EoRPA consortium meets annually over several days, as well as at regular online workshops. These events are crucial for sharing insights, discussing new research and setting future agendas

Access to publications

Some EoRPA Reports are published on the EPRC publications page (by filtering for ‘EoRPA’)

The consortium has  a members-only website providing access to the latest EoRPA publications and event outputs.

Funding and support

EoRPA is funded by national government ministries and agencies responsible for regional policy in Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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