IQ-Net – Improving the Quality of Structural Funds Programme Management

About IQ-Net

IQ-Net was launched in 1996 and is managed by the European Policies Research Centre Delft. The IQ-Net network brings together regional and national partners from Structural Funds programmes across the EU. It aims to improve the quality of Structural Funds programme management through exchange of experience, expertise and mutual learning. The network involves a structured programme of applied research and debate with regular meetings and advisory support for network partners.

IQ-Net enables programme managers and their partnerships to exchange experience, expertise and share good practice on specific themes relating to the design, delivery, management, monitoring and evaluation of the Structural Funds programmes.


Our Partners

The network is comprised of Structural Funds managing authorities, coordination authorities, and intermediate bodies. Together, we assess critical aspects of programme design and implementation, sharing insights and expertise to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Structural Funds programmes.


Key Activities

    • Biannual Conferences: These (face-to-face) gatherings are the core of IQ-Net. They offer a platform for exchanging experiences, expertise and discussing specific issues, underpinned by comprehensive briefing papers prepared by EPRC. Themes range from enhancing synergies, fraud risk management, stakeholder engagement to adopting greener policies for a low-carbon Europe.
    • Coffee Break Workshops: Our series of online workshops provide an informal and impactful setting for discussing key policy and implementation challenges. Featuring contributions from the EPRC, IQ-Net partners, and EU institutions, these sessions are invaluable for addressing current issues, staying connected and informed.


Advisory Support

IQ-Net goes beyond information exchange by offering tailored advisory services. Drawing on from wider EPRC expertise on local and regional development, this can involve facilitating local workshops, providing targeted presentations, or delivering custom training, designed to meet the specific needs of our partners, helping them to navigate the complexities of programme management.


Latest events and reports

Partners can access up-to-date event details and comprehensive reports through our project website and by filtering for ‘IQ-Net’ in our publications.

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The knowledge exchange is made possible through the generous support of national and regional Management Authorities responsible for Structural Funds.

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