Net Zero Industrial Cluster Exchange (NICE)

The Net Zero Industrial Cluster Exchange (NICE) is a knowledge-sharing platform focusing on how regional and local development strategies can effectively support the transformation of regions and cities towards decarbonisation and net zero.

The aim of NICE is to establish an international network of projects and initiatives to share knowledge on the design and implementation of sustainable and inclusive (just) regional and local industrial transformation strategies responding to decarbonisation.

The specific objectives of the Network are:

  1. to provide comparative information and insights on regional/local industrial transformation initiatives that seek to achieve low carbon, net zero or carbon negative processes for industrial clusters and sites;
  2. to analyse the design, governance and implementation of initiatives, in particular the respective roles of companies, public authorities, universities/research institutes, non-grant sources of finance (government and private), and different models of private/public cooperation;
  3. to assess the government support measures provided (incentives, investment, infrastructure, advice, training, partnership facilitation etc) and the evidence for their effectiveness;
  4. to identify good practice, innovative ideas and emerging results in the operation of regional and local industrial transformation initiatives; and
  5. to facilitate contact generation, knowledge sharing and networking among partners in the network.

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Pilot phase funded by the Scottish Government and Michelin

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