Civic and Civil Society Engagement in Interreg

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Together with Interact, EPRC has prepared a report on dynamics of civic and civil society engagement in Interreg territorial cooperation programmes.

Interact is an EU programme that helps European territorial cooperation (Interreg) programmes, and other actors working in a cooperation context, maximise the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of programmes.  Alongside events, on line tools and networking, Interact also commission and produce studies on key issues. The newly published  study on ‘Civic and Civil Society Engagement in Interreg’ offers reflections about the potential of Interreg in fostering community engagement and strengthening Interreg for impactful cooperation with citizens and civil society organizations. EPRC’s  Irene McMaster, Heidi Vironen, working with consultant Nathalie Wergles, prepared the study report published by Interact. The work highlights how Interreg programmes and projects are leading to a wider and deeper engagement with civic and civil society organisations, identifies practical examples of programme activities to enhance this role further, and identifies lessons for the future.

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