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Visions and Options for Cohesion Policy after 2013

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A Stock-Take of the EU Budget: Current Spending Allocations and Future Policy Perspectives

  • Wishlade F with Bachtler J, Davies S, Ferry M, Gross F, Kah S, McMaster I, Michie R, Penman M. and Vironen H
  • Cohesion policy


Dealing With Demographic Change: Regional Policy Responses

The paper argues that demographic change is an important issue for contemporary regional policy: migratory flows and demographic ageing are producing ‘place-based’ challenges and opportunities and ‘place-based’ responses are needed. Nevertheless, the challenges associated with addressing demographic change as part of regional policy should not be underestimated. Policy responses to these processes, by necessity, cut…


Programmes under continued pressure. Review of programme implementation Winter 2010-Spring 2011

The rate of financial implementation has improved across the EU27, with theaverage payments rate now at 25.2 percent (May 2011). These figures mask wide variations between countries. IQ-Net partner programmes report high levels of satisfaction with financial implementation and absorption, although actual levels of commitment and spend vary considerably. Programme changes have been mostly minor…


Creating public value in regional policy. Bringing citizens back in

We develop a novel citizen-centred multi-dimensional approach to public value creation in regional policy. Drawing on 47 citizen focus groups in 16 European regions, public values are analysed through an interpretative comparative approach. Goal attainment is a positive and widely held value. However, evaluations of institutional performance and democratic values are more negative. The findings…


A Green Transition: Making the new programmes sustainable

Cohesion Policy has long provided an important framework for tackling challenges related to climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy. The focus of ESIF interventions on environmental sustainability will be further reinforced in 2021-27, in line with the ambitious climate targets and the Green Deal objectives.