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Reforming the MFF and Cohesion Policy 2021-27: pragmatic drift or paradigmatic shift?

  • jayneogilvie
  • John Bachtler, Carlos Mendez and Fiona Wishlade
  • EoRPA


The Performance Framework in Cohesion Policy: Expectations and Reality

This book examines the long-term achievements of Cohesion policy from 1989 to 2012 and draws out the main policy implications. Originally undertaken for the European Commission by the authors, this major longitudinal study adopts an innovative approach to assessing the effectiveness and achievements of this policy, building on case studies of 15 regions from different…


Financial Compliance in the EU: An Assessment of Financial Corrections in EU Cohesion policy

EU compliance scholarship has expanded rapidly over the last decade but has neglected the financial dimension of compliance in terms of Member States’ conformity with EU financial rules on the regularity and legality of EU spending. This article makes the case for a multi‐dimensional approach to compliance research and provides the first cross‐national assessment of…


Financial instruments for energy efficiency and renewable energy

This study analyses ESIF financial instruments for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and their implementation. The results suggest that, because implementation is highly context-dependent, transferability of lessons and good practice is limited. EE and RES FIs require specialist support and are constrained by operational programme lifecycles. More could be done to measure the impact…


The Structural Funds as ‘Agents of Change’: New Forms of Learning and Implementation

This paper assesses whether and how Structural Funds (SF) act as an ‘agent of change’ in the policy and practice of regional and local development. What is being done through the Funds that would not otherwise be done, where and how this ‘operational innovation’ is being generated, and which aspects of the SF approach are…


The involvement of Non-EU Member States in European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

Non-EU Member States play an important role a number of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programmes and initiatives. This article focuses on the role of non-EU Member States in ETC, specifically INTERREG, examining the basis of their involvement, what participating countries ‘get out of it,’ and how this may change in the future.


Improving the take-up and effectiveness of financial instruments

In the wake of the financial crisis, public and private investment has stagnated due to loss of confidence and austerity policies. The supply side for investment is complex, with the boundaries between public and private often blurred. The overall landscape varies widely between countries, but is characterised by the growing importance of national promotional banks…


Infrastructures et Aides d’Etat: expériences européennes

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