Visit to Norway’s Distriktssenteret – National Competence Centre on Rural Development

The key role of ‘Small Places’ in regional development was the focus of a recent trip by Irene McMaster to Norway’s Distriktssenteret, in Songdal.

EPRC is supporting the Ministry for Local Government and Regional Development in their leadership of a Territorial Agenda 2030 Pilot Project  – Small Places Matter. The pilot action’s work focuses on the vital role of small towns and villages in the development of integrated territorial development and strengthening the territorial coordination of policies. Of particular importance to the pilot is finding new ways to link the valuable insights and momentum that can come from bottom-up initiatives and top-down planning processes. As part of this work, Irene McMaster presented the work of the Pilot Action at the Ministry for Local Government and Regional Development and joined a visit to the Distriktssenteret to hear about their innovative projects to help develop attractive and growing local communities in rural Norway, including supporting community planning in small municipalities and testing new methods for stakeholder engagement.


This work will go on to inform a publication linked to the Small Places Matter Pilot Action that highlights innovative examples of capacity building for territorial planning and development in small places.


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